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Sandy Sin - Sweet Anal
(wmv - 89MB - 11:22 running time)
Raver girl haircut, plenty of anal with close ups of the good parts, and she jerks him off onto her face.

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Sandy Sin - Bound Anal
(wmv - 57MB - 7:14 running time)
Sandy Sin is tied up and gaged with her ass exposed, her man comes in and fucks her ass hard for a few minutes. I love her wicked smile when she's untied, she had fun too.

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Sandy Sin
Raver looking girl with a love for making amateur porn.

Sandy Sin - Dream Anal
(wmv - 86MB - 10:52 running time)
Shot POV with all the attention on Sandy, very erotic and super hot as the camera zooms back and forth between her ass being fucked and her sublime expression.

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